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Celebrity Pet TalkingJackie Weaver is recognised as one of the UK’s leading Animal Psychics; she has appeared in numerous magazines and papers and made guest appearances on various TV and Radio shows. She presently has three books published of  ’with The Animal Psychic’ collection and is the first animal communicator to write a book containing genuine celebrity animal communications.

Jackie, a former veterinary nurse, lives in scenic Shropshire with her husband Bob, a horse dentist, and their pets Sally and Stanley. To be able to help animals through her psychic gift is a dream come true for her. She knows that her work has made dreams come true for many other people too. Her books will leave you astounded and amazed how animal communication really can help change animal’s lives.

For many years she held the horses still for Bob whilst he worked on their teeth, but this all ended when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. Desperately ill and not expected to survive but with lots of chemotherapy, love, positive thinking and much laughter, she pulled through. She feels she was saved for a reason as,

Animals do talk and she hears what they say! 

ITV’s This Morning

Jackie recently appeared on ITV This Morning, alongside William Roache MBE and his two dogs. She talked about her work and gave an on air reading with Holly Willoughby’s cat Roxy, which Holly described as ‘spot on.’

Credit ITV Footage

Russell Howard’s Good News Mystery Guest!

Jackie had such a blast with the fabulous, but sometimes rather naughty, Russell Howard on his BBC3 comedy show.

Every week he has to work out what his mystery guest was in the newspapers for and to try to do their skill himself! Do you really think he guessed what she did?

Credit BBC3 Footage

TV3′s Breakfast show

Jackie was recently invited to Ireland to do a fundraising event. The evening raised a great total of around 1200 euros. Whilst she was there she was invited on to TV3′s morning show.


Credit TV3 for Footage 

Ryan Tubridy’s RTE Radio Show 

Although Ryan was openly sceptical, the station had arranged for Jackie to communicate with five animals for the show. Jackie gave validated information about each and everyones animals as they called in to the show one by one. By the end of the show, Ryan was genuinely very intrigued as were members of his staff.

Recording courtesy of RTE Radio.

4 Thought TV 

In August 2013 Jackie was featured on Channel Four for the 4 Thought TV spot. The feature of the week was about animals and should they have funerals. Jackie talks about that and how animals’ lives should be celebrated whilst they are here and how she connects to animals who have passed over. The short film was done with her own animals joining in the filming. Click the picture to watch video.

Jackie Weaver Animals

Film courtesy of Channel Four.


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